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Rightly Trained for Action(RTA) Is the program of Youth Force designed to rightly train the youth to be effective missionaries/soldiers for Christ.

The statistics state that up to 94% of our youth leave the church by the time they finish high school/entering college.

Youth Force has the Solution!

We have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged. We want our children to believe the truth. We want them to be blessed of God. We want them to act a part in well-organized plans for helping other youth. Let all be so trained that they may rightly represent the truth, giving the reason of the hope that is within them, and honoring God in any branch of the work where they are qualified to labor. . . . {CET 205.1}

The future of society will be determined by the youth of today. Satan is making earnest, persevering efforts to corrupt the mind and debase the character of every young person; and shall we who have more experience stand as mere spectators, and see him accomplish his purpose without hindrance? Let us stand at our post as minute men, to work for these youth, and through the help of God hold them back from the pit of destruction. In the parable, while men slept, the enemy sowed tares; and while you, my brethren and sisters, are unconscious of his work, he is gathering an army of youth under his banner; and he exults, for through them he carries on his warfare against God. {FE 90.1}

It is time to RIGHTLY train our youth, we as a Youth Force team believe with all our hearts that the youth will play a major role in finishing this work(through the power of the Holy Spirit). Satan knows this and is doing everything he can to prevent it. So he comes up with all types of temptations to ensnare the youth. We cannot sit down any longer and watch as Satan gathers these youth under his banner! It is time to stop talking about the problem and take action! We go by the word of God and the word alone. Why we say this? Because if it's not in the word it does not deserve to be heard. Also It is God's word that will keep the youth rooted and grounded. Not entertainment, if you are looking for something to entertain your youth then we are not kind of ministry. But if you are looking to educate and train your youth to be soldiers for Jesus Christ in these last and evil days then we are here for you.

Various Youth/Training Topics

-Life's purpose and Missionaries

-Armor of God

-Ministry of Christ

-Practical Evangelism

-Effective Leadership


-Drugs & Alcohol

-Effects of Music & Media

-Christian Courtship(Dating)

-And much more

Come to You

Youth Force will come to your church, group or event.

-Youth Week of Prayer



-Youth Days

-Youth Rallies

-Revival Weekends


Come to Us

Bring your youth group to our “RTA Boot Camp” for a

spiritual weekend retreat on our 40 acre campus with

walking trails & pond. See contact page for more info.